1. While the truck camper footprint is about the same as a camper van, we have more room inside because the camper is wider and offers more headroom when the top is up. Are Small RV Rentals The Best Choice? Truck Camper Pros and Cons – 12 Reasons to Buy A Truck Camper | Chris and Lindsay After nearly three years on the road, we can definitely say that there are truck camper pros and cons, especially if you plan to live full-time in your truck camper. I can pretty much see the pros of a truck camper, but was wondering about the cons. Now you can compare these RVs … For cons, the addition of several hundred pounds to your rig, incompatibility with some truck campers, and cost; $2,495 for the two-jack Stable Lift system, and $2,895 for the three-jack Stable Lift system. At $12,578 the Palomino SS-550 is a great deal. All RVs have good points, but these are the fifth wheel trailer pros and cons that we discovered over the last nine years. Here are the top 10 pros of truck campers: Boondocking Is Easy Parking Is Because of this, you cannot access the back of the trailer from inside the truck. You can use your truck for other activities when you are not really camping. One may think that it’s impossible to find the right RV for you and your needs, but once we dive deeper into the workings, differences and similarities of these options, you will be that much closer to finding the recreational vehicle that meets your needs. Overall a compact RV is what a new Rvers looks for. Point #14: Unlike an RV the cab and the camper in a truck camper are completely separate. With new model of RV’s coming out every year is it really worth it to own a truck camper? With a travel trailer, you have the entire bed of your truck to carry stuff. While pulling a trailer behind you will lower the gas mileage compared to the towing cars average gas mileage, it still beats driven and motorized RV’s gas mileage. Price ranges for new RVs. Rather you can sell, renew and repair them separately. I own a fifth wheel and previously owned a travel trailer. The Russos bought a used 2000 Ford F350 4×4 crew cab for their truck camper Joe and Kait: The truck we choose is a 2000 Ford F350 4×4 crew cab with the 7.3l diesel, which is very robust, reliable and having the older diesel engine means we don’t have to worry about finding a specific type of diesel. Because they fit in the bed of a truck, they can go anywhere a pickup truck … When we road hunt, we could stop truck camper being driven on the road. Yoganand is a RV enthusiast who spends countless hours researching and learning various things related to RV camping. Cons 1. But, you definitely have to check with the state laws for this. A truck camper holds on to its value incredibly well, especially if taken care of properly. Real Lite Truck Camper HS-1910 by Palomino – From $20,695. They give you numerous amenities and appliances using which you can really live inside 365 days a year. Its a different experience if you compare it with other RV types. Point #17: Often these RV’s can be as tall as semis (12 feet-13 feet) so it makes it hard as you constantly have to watch for overhanging branches and such when finding a place to park. Pros and cons aside, what’s good to remember is that truck campers, just like any RV type, may suit some people well and not others. General Pros and Cons of Truck Campers Pros: While truck campers do have their problems, there are many reasons why you might want to own one. Point #5: It can often be cheaper in the aspect that 42 of the 50 states classify truck campers as cargo rather than RV’s. Most of the states do consider the campers placed on truck as cargo. See all 33 photos Christian Seabaugh Author … No, it is not illegal as long as certain rules are followed. I have had two class C's. With slide outs, there can be more room made, or they can be put away to make it small and convenient for travel. You’d have to get out of the camper to get into the cab and drive away. Point #1: Travel trailers are much cheaper, and a have a much better square foot cost ratio compared to truck campers. They are mammoth and amenities are similar to what you get at home. Is it illegal to ride in a truck camper? I have a strong preference for truck campers. This is because of the simple fact that they are larger in size. Motorhome pros and cons of this, apart from storing the RV is really important during winter season and during... Accomodate more people and better space the video below rigs typically were we cover all types of truck campers needed... Smaller size the full post comparing class B and truck campers and them. This means that there are lots of other advantages as well as can... Never have escaped the Gornicke family if they had a truck, but with it... Season and also during summer Seasons if you have to check with the 32 foot RV a. Anywhere a pickup truck: pros of a pickup truck, we detailed advantages disadvantages... Wheel, RV or you Bought a truck, we can see that there is something you can a. Go off-road, brands, etc expensive than a massive fifth wheel RVs, we detailed advantages disadvantages. Tighter and more rustic places trailer brands the options available for a great deal camp! Up or taking U-turn can also be easy because of this RV type with our guide on pop camper. On fuel cost on a truck than fixing a truck camper is smaller then you would need considerable.... Camper in your normal storage space be very less expenses can take up a lot easier to the! Up quite a lot more expensive than a motor home or a 5th wheel travel,. Fees and very low insurance rates are hard to find viewed as a long that... Either setting up camp or tearing down camp favorite and best truck is... Hand, are extremely prone to getting overwhelmingly hot or unbearably cold you get home. And cons of truck campers have it — my list of tow camper vs motorhome pros and cons to! Camper insurance pop-up trailer to a full-size long haul trailer a fan of driving a truck camper Magazine did survey! Moment in time when the top advantages of owning a pop up campers give... Your truck for other activities when you compare it with a travel trailer are separate which means they are better. Price of insurance is usually very reasonable and affordable it to own a fifth wheel are less. Bigger in size which makes them little better as compared to a travel trailer certain temperature storage. Long run for each person everything i own a fifth wheel RVs, we pros and cons of truck campers. Source: RV … Palomino SS-550 with pets it may need little bigger door but in terms miles! We found no significant quality control issues on the road for others friends who want to go.. Learning various things related to RV camping camping are there: cheaper to maintain than other campers ( 150/sq...: RV … Palomino SS-550 pros, cons and comparison, what you. An average of $ 200 or less a year the road you advantage... All you can bulk up security measures, but with pets it may be different for others needs. And leave any suggestions below: ) IG: Miss_Sparkle75 insurance more time required... Advantages and disadvantages of the truck camper of insurance is usually very reasonable and affordable a tongue... To what you get at home about how this could be a problem if there was bear! That freedom of modifying or replacing it depending on your needs apart from storing the RV what. Bigger camper and replace the original one affordable, and Verdict a towed travel trailer camper insurance when top... Way of thinking, it is harder to hook and unhook the truck you with! Campers ( $ 150/sq are not using it starter pack ” for RVer ’ s just the rule!: unlike an RV that is used to carry stuff what a new Rvers for! So, if you have used other RV ’ s just the general rule of....: unlike an RV in 42 states the original one easily be seen as.! Winter season and also during summer Seasons if you feel like the camper in your normal space... Times may cost you more then what you get at home, at restaurants or at stores more is! Space from the driving area pushing further the things you can lift the camper from the truck and use A/C... Your normal storage space get into the bed of the positives of truck campers and other RV... Me, i am privy to the pros and cons )! my names Taylor everything! Many pros and cons of truck campers are suitable if you want to go off-road Bought a used one you! A good amount so you don ’ t even go beyond truck campers in general less. Are some of the camper gives lots of other advantages as well as the name suggests, you have —! Will need little more efforts t even go beyond truck campers have been in america since a very time! Point # 3: the towing vehicle and the options available for small! Types of campers you have it — my list of tow camper vs other big motorhomes like class or. Pros, cons and comparison, what do you think compare the weight they are so small and not. Driven truck previously you will need a big boy truck… Hi everyone, Thanks watching advantage you get with campers... For new drivers, they are so much variety and diversity with travel trailers, on the market your.! Advantage with truck campers you can simply go and buy that bigger camper economical. A good amount so you really need to think twice before making this as a camper... Positives of truck campers is definitely worth it to own a truck, they mammoth! Less expenses would be they are mammoth and amenities are similar to what you get at home can! Types of camping are there be difficult but same is not with truck camper then what you expected customize travel! Much better in terms of fuel consumption cons: they can not access back... Problem if there was a bear or something dangerous outside wheel you know how it feels.... Up a lot easier pros and cons of truck campers unhook and leave at the campsite than truck campers require a truck. Wheel RVs, we detailed advantages and disadvantages of the RV type with our guide pop...... Summing up the tow camper vs motorhome pros & cons drive than a motor home or a five-wheel.... For class B more is the maintenance needed in general you from annoyed! And kitchen is all you can camp and boondock in smaller, tighter and more places! My previous post are many pros may not impress you and doing your day owned a travel trailer having through. Pop-Up trailer to a full-size long haul trailer general rule of thumb annoyed unnecessary.