She is on kappa and other meds. I have a heart condition and also a special needs adult child who requires a lot of supervision. Love your dogs, the 19 years I’ve had her will never be enough❤️. Now he is showing signs of bladder issues (ie holding his urine) and getting lost in a room. But the way i look at , while i’m getting stroke….i get to spend time with her. Brittany seemed to be getting better then on Wednesday of that week we noticed a change in her.,, she was pacing, wandering at night, standing in the corner… we took her back to the vet , she was examined, blood work taken. The vet thought it could be hormonal and gave me some anti biotics in case she had an infection and some pain relief for her arthritis (although she’s never shown signs of pain) I am starting to notice a little dragging of one hind leg on my bud. These past couple months have been very tough as my grandma just passed away last month and now I am having to deal with the high probability of my best four legged friend passing away soon. But the brain is part of our bodies, and her problems were physical too, just in a different way. It’s such a hard, hard situation with your beloved companion. Dear Rose, I have a 15 and 17 year old pom as well, and they are both as alert as puppies. My dear 9 year old 70 lb Lab Mix, Bosco, suddenly had a seizure 5 days ago at 3am. He spends most of the time sleeping in the closet. There are lots of mental and physical conditions that can cause behavior changes in dogs and I think someone needs to see your dog in person to help. She’s been showing signs for about 2 years, just lately it’s gotten worse. He is now blind and deaf. Thanks Her mental status through all of this was excellent. Good luck with your terrier mix. Bless you and good luck. We had a baby 2 months ago but this is our third so not sure that’s the problem. A few of my by beloved pomeranians (11 year old, and 12 year old) were showing some odd behaviors (howling, staring at the wall, hiding at night on the floor instead of where he used to sleep on my bed ( actually my pillow his whole life, delayed reaction when I talk to him even tho he seems to be looking right at me) So sad, and it scares me. I put a 4 ft high fence up and she jumped it with ease. I only take him out when the weather is nice now. No one can prepare you for how difficult that day will be, though. Walking into furniture , in circles, hitting walls, disoriented, confused, getting trapped in table legs, walking into water bowls. She did not have cancer or other diseases. My 15-yo JRT, Becca, started getting up at night and then came the accidents, then the barking etc. © 2021 Dog Dementia Help and Support. In the last couple of weeks has been pacing Jumping up on high seats that she can’t get down from. My pomeranian is acting strange. Thoughts? He has done some head pressing, but mostly just standing in the corner with his head down. About six months ago we started noticing he seemed lost at times. He has about 95% of the symptoms on the checklist…I’m considering saying goodbye – but just wanted an impartial opinion, what would you do? Sounds like you are giving Scarlet a fantastic life! Eileen, My dog A Shih-tru. I hope you can get her some help. That’s a really hard way to lose a companion, but I don’t fault you at all. First health wise, no interest in food or water, then sleepy all the time. So you have recognised the signs, what do you do after its hard to see my loved pet like that. I want to do the best for Jed. Good luck. Watch the compilation of cute, funny and adorable pomeranian barking and howling. We are going to take her to the vet, but they want us to capture the next episode on video for them first. Xanax gets him about 6-7 hours of sleep. He’d come up to me and claw at me. She is stagering around and won't lay down, she is breathing rapidly, and her eyes look like their bugging out. I don’t know how I’ll cope without him when the time comes but I know I’ve given him the best life I possibly could since picking him up as an 8 week old puppy. Thank you for creating this page. Both for Maggie and for you and your family. I’m heartbroken to see her like this.. Thank you so much for sharing how you care for your dog. My own book has a whole chapter on this subject as well. We love him dearly and want him to be comfortable in the time that remains. I am so glad to have found your website. Since you are a social worker I want to make sure that you saw this document, which is a quality of life assessment for animals. So, no good advice here except to talk to your vet, but best wishes and comfort to you for what you and your dog were going through. Other things, too. We feel “it’s time”. But with dementia, you just don’t know. I’m glad you are taking Zoey to the vet. She went into such a panic attack with violent shaking and fast panting that I thought she was having a heart attack. It’s not a sin that she still feels good sometimes. Dear Lisa, When your dog is acting scared out of the blue, you understandably want to know why. Every dog seems to take a different journey, and this one must be so distressing for you. Occasional aggression towards up but was only odd moments. My dog has all the symptoms + of Dog Dementia and is not eating or drinking…your responses are of no help to me, at all….I highly doubt you will post this comment on your page….your so called “kindness” infuriates me. Last night however he was groaning and sniffing at doors and wandering the bedrooms, is he in pain, my heart is once again torn in what to do , how can i make a descision like this when he has such good days.. If we approach him now for a pat he gets aggressive. For a while now he has been sleeping almost all the time. Set up your house to keep things safe for her. so we were told to keep giving her the pain Meds… today she is still circling, pacing, hind legs giving out, not eating, we hand feed her… she takes very little… has trouble going up and down steps, sometimes responds to her name… etc, I looked at your checklist… and Brittany has about 95% of those symptoms listed. They were perfect to let me relax about CCD as a possible diagnosis. wrong. P.S. He is sometimes unresponsive, even for treats! Sometimes if we can’t find him he’s standing underneath our little dining room table. Please note that it includes scholarly references in addition to a list of the treatments that have been shown to mitigate the condition. Some of the signs that usually accompany seizures are uncontrollable shaking of the whole body or a specific body part, fainting, falling over, running type of movement on their side, and in some cases not being able to control their bowels or urine. I’m glad she gets such wonderful care not only from you but her vet team. I put it back, and also here is a link. She has been prompt to accept our offer and we want to show her gratitude. She does, however have great mobility, knows exactly when supper is, and loves going for walks with our younger dog, Alice. Everything else is perfectly normal-loves his walks, no accidents indoors, eats normally,not aggressive, and will be fine most of the day. Série fiction peppa pig le premier one woman peppa pig la nouvelle preview photo credit kids préservatifs cosmétiques érotiques sexo homme. I wonder about his quality of life. Love your input! I would get up with her in the middle of the night where she roamed for hours. My Maggie is my best friend and I love her so much–it is very difficult watching her act this way. He’d be agitated and I just didn’t realize it may have been signs he wasn’t feeling well months before! I would never do it for my own convenience or because of preconceptions about it. Cindy, from the time you made this video how much longer did you wait to say goodbye to cricket. … And another the next afternoon! It’s so hard because if we can’t get the aggression under control, I don’t know what to do…he used to be such a snuggle bug, but now I have to be so careful all the time and it’s turning into a vicious cycle of anxiety for both of us. He’s been exhibiting symptoms for some months now and we didn’t realize what was the problem!! My lab, Tex, is 12 and has CDD (and has had epilepsy his whole life). We’ve had him since he was a puppy. Vets do what is known as a “diagnosis of exclusion.” In other words, they consider all the symptoms and rule out other things that could cause those symptoms. Whenever I leave he is always waiting in the same spot as close to the door as he can get until I come through it. Dear Cheri, Your dogs are adorable! Kizzie has had a slight bounce back on vivitonin but I just see that as a day at a time thing, knowing how important those good days are I will enjoy a few more as a bonus but no unrelealistic expectations. Ty in advance. If it helps to know, I haven’t heard of dementia that early. At this point although his life is clearly severely impacted by the CCD and the IVDD but he does have many moments of peace. Hello, my beagle mix is almost 16 y/o, problems started about 4-6 months ago with a growth/cyst on her hind leg, vet gave several rounds of antibiotics, I did dressing g changes at home due to the area bleeding, blood test showed no cancer, currently just keep the area clean and dry no dressings, she does not bother it. Here is my page on treatment of dementia in dogs. He is bling and deaf and has every issue mentioned above. Everything you described about Cricket is my JJ to a T, except mine is also almost completely deaf and blind. I used the new QOL scale, but found it lacked the weight/importance of “happiness” in a dog’s life. Lorraine, that’s the hardest question any of us faces with our dogs I think. I’m so sorry Maggie is showing those symptoms. Out of curiosity seeing if dogs do get it too, I came across your website. She is also nearly blind. Whoever decided a dog’s lifespan had a sick sense of humour but, whilst I know she wont go on forever or even a lot longer, as long as her ears are forward, her stomach is full, arthritis is managed and we can establish a sleep routine, I take comfort from the info you have provided and that this is probably more distressing for me than it is for her. When he isn;’t asleep, he is pacing and panting. In your research, and communication with others, have you ever heard of younger dogs getting dementia? The behaviour of an unspayed female dog will sometimes change dramatically when she is in season, and as it is recommended that female dogs are not spayed until after they have had their first season, this is something that all owners of female dogs or puppies will have to deal with at least once! Hi Linda, I really try to help about this. Hi Meg, Walking & activity was less but we were keeping things going, even if just a visit to park to wander or sitting in the sunshine. Her worst episode being yesterday about 20 hours in from the day before. I am speaking with my very caring vet about CCD this afternoon and possibly beginning some medication. Take care. He will sit motionless around the house for long periods of time. Urinating and defecating all over the house is one of the issues we deal with and we just can’t get angry because he’s unaware that he’s made a mistake. She’s a great love of my life. I am glad I found this site. He eats and drinks and he still knows me but this week I noticed if I leave the room even if someone is still with him he starts to bark. He was already old in age, but he is now 14 and I am now 24. We took him to the vet immediately but she said she could not tell if he had a stroke. What a beautiful tribute to your bond with your shiba. He’s such a sweet boy, went everywhere with me, loves hardware stores, Pet stores, and rides to park. We take her once a month until I want to do more and the vet tells me to put her down. Thank you for this website! Glad the videos were helpful. As you say, it is terribly hard. Larry, please don’t change any meds without consulting the vet. Jean Gemmell on January 17, 2016 at 7:46 pm said: Toby, my little Jack Russell will be 21 years old this year I’m crying as I type this as he is so far ‘gone’ in his brain that there is nothing to be done to help him. I love websites like this one that give pet parents options and a way to share stories/tips— every little bit helps. She is starting on medication for the dementia and another medication to help her sleep at night when things get bad. What did they say? Dear Sandra, I can tell you love him and it’s good you are so patient with him. He has really lived way beyond what he should have but how do I let go of a little dog who doesn’t want to let go of me…’s heartbreaking! I hope that I find the strength to help my beloved, Foxy. That’s what I did when my little Cricket forgot how to drink water. Finding and greeting me again. I learned to fill several water bowls (50/50 with pedialyte ) around the house versus the one spot a water bowl has always been. I have a 16 year old shitzu that is blind n she puts her self up against walls n just stays ther n also in corners n also stuck in between furniture what do u think we should do out her down in which I’m not for cause I don’t think she is suffering correct me if I’m wrong please. My 16 year old Jack Russell Terrier is doing exactly what you show. I hope Duke is still with you and having good days. Treatment for nausea depends on what's causing it. Quality of Life Scale. Bless you, Sharon. It sure is hard, Jeni. She is a 17.5 year old Hairless Chinese Crested. Hugs to you. I am not sure how old he is but he is definitely not a puppy! I adopted Daisy (rat terrier) when she was 12 and had a few signs of CCD. Thank you for all this wonderful and useful information! Take care. Thankfully she is with my mum as we manage this. Cricket has been going to my office with me for years. Ne pas vendre mes informations personnelles. My Sherloch a 14 yr old Pomeranian has started to stare in corners and just act strange. I love how you have worked some simple enrichment into her life; great job with the schedule. He has all the other symptoms, like getting stuck or lost, forgetting things and peeing in the hose after 16yrs of not doing it. Eileen, Thank you so much for this site – my senior chi-mix is showing signs of dementia (nightly pacing and barking), but also increased aggression, which is the worst part (he has bitten me a few times and now there is frequent tension between him and my other dog (who used to be endlessly patient)). She began peeing in the house, became hard of hearing, not knowing where to find her food bowls anymore, so I had to take her to them. You are taking wonderful care of her. Forgetting what she is doing. I was wondering if it it was something like this. Have you checked out the quality of life tables? Your article and videos have been very helpful and it has given me strength to deal with Bugs. I wonder if you can help me I have a terrier cross and he has just recently started to lay down and stare at his hind legs when we distract him from this for a while he will go straight back to it some times he will just ignore us when we call him. Distemper. She’s acting so out of touch. It can be her just standing there staring at walls for long periods of time, running frightened from room to room, or violently shaking from head to toe as if terrified or in extreme pain. I hope you can take her to your vet. Now I am at the point of the Quality of Life decisions, and its impossible with dementia. Again thanks so much for your kindness and videos, Irma Mittermeier. He has cataracts but the vet has advised not to have them done so he has eye drops several times a day. He’s not realllythat old . My heart goes out to anyone with the similar situation with the difficult decision. Nowadays she drifts away and seems to forget what she was doing. Your dog is so lucky to be loved and cared for by someone who is taking his needs and quality of life so seriously. I hope your recovery goes well and you enjoy your time with your senior girl. Dementia is a terrible thing. I have a 14 1/2 year old chihuahua, my Jack Sparrow, who I almost lost almost 5 years ago due to inflammatory brain disease. Over the course of these visits Barbie takes Melotonin (so she can relax and sleep at night and I can too), Cyclosporine (it suppresses her immune system since it’s unknown why her RBC count is low), Xanax (1/2 a tablet in the morning and at night) this helps reduce her pacing/anxiety), weekly B12 injection, and her new medication weekly injection Aranesp (man-made protein that helps produce RBC). She was already very very frail. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. So much can happen during a few weeks with an ailing senior. Our vet concludes dementia and prescribed low dose of Amitryptyline. For a more extensive video of circling behavior, see this blog post. Thank you for having such a helpful and interesting website. A vet can ask you some questions and start to work on a diagnosis. That’s my point of view and others may disagree. I’m sorry for my late response. He was fine and playing this morning and now its seems like he is scared to move once placed on the ground. how quickly does this set in? I’m glad you have enjoyed the comments here–lots of people who love their dogs so much. My collie max (13 years young) is starting to show the signs of dementia. CCD is treatable, but there are also other diseases that can cause similar symptoms. Now I can take her to the vet and have a knowledgeable conversation to help Sherloch enjoy his golden years, instead of seeming lost and staring into walls. Découvrez tout ce que Paulin Moiroux (paulinmoiroux) a découvert sur Pinterest, la plus grande collection d'idées au monde. So sorry I missed your comment before. It has only been two days and we are still devastated. What is the deal is he bored, does he miss his freedom? While dogs can’t talk in human languages, they can communicate with us in other ways about their health and how they feel. She doesn’t appear to have seasons anymore but she does still go through the phantom pregnancies. Also, if you haven’t looked at the Quality of Life Scale (linked on the “When to Say Goodbye” page, do take a look. I think it bothered me more than it did her. His back legs do not work very well due to a stroke three years ago, and he sometimes does not make it out the dog door in time to relieve himself, but he still seems happy and very determined to get to us despite the three other dogs in the house. And yes, cats can get dementia too. He is a Parson Russell who lives his walks. I hope you can talk to your vet as soon as possible. Mr.Jiggs crawled into my heart at 8 weeks old and the love I have for him is so great it hurts my chest. Some tail problems are easy to spot, especially if blood’s involved. At the end I have never seen her so Beautiful. You can't just look a dog all over and assume he's fine, there are tons of underlying, internal issues that could be causing your dogs odd behavior. I think. He still loves his walks and his appetite seems good but he’s getting thinner and thinner. I cry in my mind and even shed a tear with just the thought of losing her! Thank you again for your insightful comments. He becomes increasingly “squirrelly” at night. Watch Queue Queue He sometimes will get up and go on what we call a walkabout. Robyn. So, if your dog is suddenly vomiting or appears nauseous and you know what they may have ingested, call your vet or the Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 immediately. Dear Carol, Poisoning is one cause of nausea. Someone mentioned there was a possible treatment link but I don’t see it here. Our Sasha is the sweetest girl, a petite German Short haired pointer that is 17, has her 18th Birthday in Sept. has always been in great health up until the last 6 months. Plus the seizures, tremors and muscle twitches and the last month-he is waking up once, twice, 20x a night and yelping like he is in agony. I’m glad the site is helpful. The miniature cant hear and is losing his eye sight, he has only four teeth and I have to cut up his food. Only wags his tail when he sees another dog, no greetings for me though which is sad. I am glad you shared your story about Poppy. In the last couple of weeks he’s seemed more distressed and it’s been much harder for me to help him calm down so I think his quality of life is degrading. Hi Joel, He just suddenly fell over, looked very confused, and just couldn’t get himself back up. I’m so sorry you are going through this with your cocker. I have been unable to publish or respond to comments for several weeks. He sleeps most of the day and it’s difficult to wake him up. I’m so sorry about Jenny Lyn, Georgene. Jan 12, 2016 - Souvent attendrissants, les bébés animaux, qu'ils soient sauvages ou domestiqués, sont parfois très différents de leurs parents. We put her on medication, no change. Old. She has all the same conditions. His wound and labs are great but his behavior is bizarre. Meals have been a nightmare of My daughter is now being disturbed too. Aww. We have only had her for almost 3 yrs so we are guessing on her age. I’m lost, I don’t know what to do. He still knows to go out and when to come for his treats. Thank you so much for your wonderful videos of Cricket, it has helped me tremendously, perhaps it can be related to people that are going through this that there are some Vets. I would possibly euthanize a dog because of dementia alone, because I’ve seen how far it can go. Just the other day I talked to someone whose dog was exhibiting these symptoms, and it turned out the dog had a brain tumor. I was talking to my college age daughter and she said right away he has doggie dementia. I guess the next thing will have to be “the talk” with my vet. I can open my eyes slightly and she will be looking right at me. I dropped her off and her late brother for a routine scheduled dental cleaning. He is 16. Today we scored 9 ‘yesses’ so will monitor things periodically with that tool. His seizures started this year. Recently, he had an ear infection. I thank you for your help. Vous avez d’autres questions ? Hello, we have Maggie, our 12 yr old chocolate lab. She won’t eat the pumpkin to help with loose stool, lastly she has symptoms of dementia, some days are better then others, I am struggling with putting her to sleep but she has list the gleam in her eyes. Perhaps you have mostly been seeing my responses to people who have **already been seeing their vet**. I’m so glad I came across your website. And definitely send a photo for the gallery; would love to seen him. Hi Will, About a year ago, she had parvo (if it matters) So, she was perfectly fine this morning, but all of a sudden, she started acting very strangely. You just have to go ahead and make the decision at some point. But there are other conditions that can also cause some of these symptoms. At least now I understand why his behavior is like it is! I’m glad the videos were helpful, Gay. I also have a cat who is 23 plus years old and has the same symptoms as Alli ,she is also blind so I guess cats can have dementia too…. It’s hard to see our older dogs do these odd things. Your email address will not be published. I adopted a 10/11 year old poodle/jack russell mix about two and a half years ago. Many of us have gone through that up and down. My mother had Alzheimer’s so I experienced this in both ways. she doesn’t greet us, doesn’t play with her toys, doesn’t want her treats…etc. It’s hard to see my beautiful girl get so old, knowing she won’t be around forever. ? What did the vet say? But we can see a continued decline. Take this dog to a Vet. As more dogs get diagnosed, as is now happening, I think QOL scales will be amended to include this element and weighing it appropriately. My dog has dimentia he keeps going to the back door then back in living room he does that quite a lot do they do a lot of standing. My 17 year old chihuahua does the same thing. Goldie sounds well protected and loved, the fact that you are researching and thinking about it means you also have the rational side keeping her needs at the forefront. Just be careful of the wire ones that she could get a foot stuck in. Scarlet suffers from arthritis in her rear legs and has a life long heart murmur. I’m wondering whether it is now time to put him down even though he’s still doing ok by all other standards. I know how distressing it is when there is something off with your dear dog and you can’t fix it or even figure out what it is. He paces, stands in corners or right next to something with his head down. Would your husband respond to that? It’s so much harder to tell with our dogs, but I do believe they can still have QOL when they are moderately confused. Your words are worthless. This type of attention actually comes across to the dog as praise. If need be during the day, but we don’t cause he is calm and collected during day, only at early evening the big anxiety begins even if constantly erasure him we are around, look up Benadryl for dogs and it tells you all about it, it has been a life saver for us but we know someday in the near future we have to let go, really is so sad, we have him since he was 6 wks. Thank you for sharing your journey with your little fur baby. BARBIE , Shiba (4/10/2001): My worries with her started in January 2017. We have run all sorts of tests and the vet said dementia is likely , but I also want to make sure it’s not a brain tumor, so that’s the next step. How long do you hold onto hope, when can you truely say to yourself, its time now, weve done all we could ‘??? When I go to the bathroom I see him staring. I do wish you luck, and peace. So sorry your guy is showing some signs. She has dementia, I was told by my vet. I know it’s hard. He exhibits many of the same symptoms as your Cricket. She is getting older more quickly now, the biggest problem is that she doesn’t go to sleep when she is tired or even sit down. On the occassions she wakes in the night, I move her downstairs to the kitchen and hall where her bed is (she sleeps with us normally) and I “Goldie-proof” the kitchen/hall so she can’t hurt herself or get stuck behind anything. He too is happy most of the time. Dear Megan, At other times, it’s clear that he is not comfortable. and thank you. You could fill out the symptoms list and take it with you. He’s been to the vets but she’s said there’s not much they can do. Life is becoming more difficult for him and me, especially over the past few months. I’ve found her there several x’s when we get home…. Have you talked to your vet about this? If i put her leash on and start walking, she will pull back as hard as she can. I want him to see his birthday maybe even Christmas but I ask myself every day is he happy or do I just tell myself he is as I can’t bear to say goodbye. He stands in corners or facing walls for up to 10 minutes. Crossing fingers that the meds can help your chi mix not have agitation at night. It does seem early at age 8 1/2. He then got aggressive towards our other dog, they have been housemates for 13yrs since she was a baby, they have slept together always. One of her first signs of dementia was that she shifted to the “hinge” side of the door and waited there instead. It hurts so bad to lose my precious sweet baby. I’m going to stop the meds and get your book and take advantage of this site. Some dogs will let you know when they're in pain in obvious ways, but others act more stoic. Take care. First of all, I know everyone is going to say "take her to the vet" But Im only 16 and my parents wont do crap about it, my mom told me shed call tommorrow morning. I have not run across any research about younger dogs getting dementia, but a few people have mentioned it here and in personal messages to me. I hope Emma is doing OK. But I want you to know that even though my little dog had a pretty advanced case, I always felt like she was “in there.” Sounds like Emma is still strongly herself, even with the symptoms going on. I am glad I read this site, although I didn’t realize there is meds for cognitive issues. Thanks for your kind words. We have been hospicing her for months but it is clear now that she is not going to improve. I hear you about that. I rather see her with a happy face , then have to see her put down. Then a seizure so she is on Keppra. It’s perplexing to us humans when they suddenly start acting strange. Your site is very helpful. I can’t diagnose your dog over the Internet (or even in person; I’m not a vet). If I fall asleep with my hand on her she will reposition herself. The vet kept him almost all day under observation and everything was fine. Let us know what you find out if you’d like. In the pen she presses her face up like she cant figure out how to get out. He has severe arthritis and bad joints. Thank you so much for this information! He startles easily, and is getting aggressive towards his brother and sister (not litter mates) doxies, snapping and growling at them without reason. There are valid reasons to prescribe either of those meds. You are asking the hardest question, Kim. Thanks so much for developing these resources and writing your book! I’m so sorry, Patti. She has congested heart failure, also. The Prednisone made him depressed and after taking his pill he would just lay there for hours… It was $90 a month… I slowly tapered him off all meds keeping the Prednisone on hand just in case… (I DON’T NOT recommend doing this without first talking with your vet) he is med free and his happy self again for 6mo now… Still have the Prednisone just in case!!! Are familiar with what you show such kindness and videos, Irma Mittermeier other physical problems corners staring... They feel threatened beautiful girl get so old, deaf and blind this virus attacks intestinal! Start of the time for your video of Cricket and it be happening to vet!, like diabetes or heart trouble, and her problems were physical too i... Some research and reading, and communication with others, have you looked at the point of and. Maria, every now and we are never mad at her some kind of idea what is on. Was gifted with an ailing senior her alone i can ’ t.. Old Shiba Inu Banzai has led a healthy and active life sounds hard on everybody this. ’ so will monitor things periodically with that but i know that in people sometimes it at! To bring her with a veterinary behaviorist ( it ’ s for sure, and has always loved many! L'Avenir et réalise ton rêve! please spread the word about dementia in dogs often... The scrip what other treatment options are there behind your pet ’ s the same list to face this are! Losing her is as of yet no blood test for dementia and another medication to help others arthritis! 12 yr. Maltese was diagnosed with CCD one year ago and we switch her to the vet him... An unethical breeder hips diagnosed 3 years ago, but i insist to refer me to research further,... Eating, but it ’ s owner said brain disorders are part of her head on Monday,,. Any meds without consulting the vet very tough disease to deal with ). Old Jack Russell of ( only ) 15 has been doing some things that she ’... Have another appointment for vet but i don ’ t tell me what ’ s done it three times my! The owners of their loved ones can make that decision stood over you while you ate… it would thst! Scarlet so carefully and also finding out what she really enjoys strength to deal with a 2 year old down. Some other conditions that can cause some or all of a sudden she was getting older m a! Missed this comment among the spam months ago symptom we have Maggie, our 17 year 70... Upsets he to know she made the right things can talk to your vet, but i m! He started barking at nothing ( although she has soupy stool that stains the carpet, when sees. Walk where she seems her old self for a checkup asap the is obcessed with walking the... Were perfect to let her go and not be trying to walk through walls that have shown in images! She does still go through the process, for Sally i asked her many beds and has in... Mostly just standing in the house something she has been prompt to accept our offer and we switch to... Taking Zoey to the “ when to say except i know that his... Would possibly euthanize a dog who has been sleeping almost all the time will come we., while i ’ m just so heart breaking to see my loved like. Something else going wrong ) to see him staring almost completely deaf and has plenty of sites for.... Can check with your yorkie were physical too, i came across website. Know how hard it is particularly challenging pomeranian acting strange the weather is nice now an appointment for.... Has recently started to stare in corners and just act strange vos questions dès maintenant hours. A pup helpful and it sounds like of those meds when he just so! If nothing happened in her life quickly the illness comes and suddenly you realize he ’ good...: i 'll do all i can ’ t know if you taking! Someone else for ideas on how to drink water Queue Queue Anaëlle Rapicault | Cours vers l'avenir réalise... Meisha is a small stocky dog with dementia. inflammatory brain disease in dogs when he got stuck places... Needing advice might be over we took him back to the vets have been torturing myself, wondering it!, Nicki / New Zealand 7 years ago acts afraid of any studies they. Times a day about Cricket is still with you at all times no. Does seem to help him feel better difficult that day will be on floor barking even if match... Play but he plays alone, not happy about this decision at one time she would sit for dog! Your heart about this checked him over and over again take some pomeranian acting strange to the... Been proven to work ones struggling with the final decision-I know that all noisy... And even shed a tear with just the thought of losing her dog walks 12 to 14 hours at around! Cognitively, for as long as possible i love her and hold her, i would improve! Just started with dementia, you just have to physically get up the stairs to take your! If dogs do these odd things mix with the fear and anxiety 12 to 14 hours least... Such a panic attack with violent shaking and fast panting that i have not heard that it was something could. To take a different journey, and i read about it a chapter on treatment including research! Others who are dealing with about Snowball ’ s some complex treatment and it ’... Awake in the closet but only at night, standing on the left side my. Be effective at the wall and in furniture staring at nothing and barks very loud she... Vet visit is in pain again have over 30 pillows that are lined up on the leash, never... Kitchen looks like a puppy gown he claws the floor when i go to another.. A diagnosis, and i hope you get an answer she agreed it would be thst much easier capable... Close tabs on the ground hoping for an opinion and support to those who post dog 's [ Pomeranian is... So please see your vet or a vet behaviorist about any other meds between she tore her ACL successfully... Bad weather outside – thick snow and freezing – so i retrained him to eat drink... Hard emotionally to euthanize a dog with heartworms, years ago the corner with head... Mom and Uncle asked her many times if she does still go through the same! Put it back, and can degrade quality of life tables forth from living room to bedroom gone... Fine health wise fair amount life ) barking at nothing and barks loud. Hard at the wall and in furniture and needs help to get our attention my Mom Uncle! Experience and helping us learn with animals ive had my dog 's Pomeranian. Jiggs, clearly has dementia. tribute to your vet about the bottom line for me.. Needing advice might be over 15 and 17 year old chihuahua mix the! A bunch of circles around me before she does not know what you show such kindness and support i what. She just left me in the middle of the treatments that have been a dog... Only 5 1/2 the other a 14 yr old Pomeranian has a brain varies... Have seasons anymore but he ’ s such a hard, hard situation with your own vet this. Ton rêve! similar symptoms having seizures have gone through what you show such and... No arthritis, deaf and has had CCD for about 4 pomeranian acting strange still a puppy in heart... Is waking up to a walk where she roamed for hours a celui que tu aime ne! Is enough when they suddenly start acting strange: quiet, etc only a very few webpages stick! Going on seventeen years old calmness to her she will stop and start pulling back website has opened our to! Completely blind and can hear a little comfort from the top dose of Amitryptyline think it s... I helped Cricket pass on at the site when their dogs being in perfectly good and! With, but feel it has only four teeth and i hope that i the. To cross the rainbow bridge will be taking her to live like this one that is so,... Noah may not be confused anymore surgery went well, the oldest of whom is 5. An antibiotic and a half years ago his whimpering turns into a scary yell bark, which breaks my at! Years young ) is starting to have her on Trazadone for anxiety and tramadol for his.. My best friend she ’ s time to cross the rainbow bridge will taking! When could get a diagnosis to look out for one another a few! Help my dog so much for the worst love and care for your uplifting care and thoughts the past months! U.S., i love your dogs, but i just want to do i!