Weapons Monthly, March Issue Found at the top of Dollet communications tower after defeating Elvoret. Each magazine contains information about various models of weapons, which can be upgraded. Pressing the trigger button on-hit boosts damage for both Squall and Seifer; gunblades do not naturally deal critical hits. FF8 Weapons Monthly locations are some of the most important pieces of information available in the entire game, yet, as with many of its other features, it's not something that's communicated to the player very clearly from the beginning. This is good for two reasons - cards can be refined into materials, many of which are hard to find otherwise; and enemies scale with level in FF8, so avoiding needlessly acquiring levels is beneficial. Next: FF8 Triple Triad Guide: Where to Find Rare Cards & Easy Wins. Getting The 10000 Kills Achievement Legitimately. Unfortunately if you missed it during that part of the game you will have to purchase it from the Esthar Book Store. We’re here to help with this Final Fantasy 8 GF guide.. The Pinwheel is one of the more basic projectile weapons. Weapons Monthly, May Issue Found in … The "treasure" of Trabia Garden can be found five steps south of the Gargoyle fountain, barely seen. April: 0: 99%: M-Stone Piece x3: 100 gil: Valkyrie: Valkyrie is a projectile weapon that can fly straight at the enemy using its stabilizing fins. It is possible this is a mistake, and the issues were intended to be in the opposite order. Finally, it's okay to miss weapons upgrades for characters players know they're not that interested in. Weapons Monthly April - Inside Squall's dorm room after the SeeD graduation. This is thanks to the great art … The HP, Mug, Draw and Reward columns vary, because they … If the player did not get it then, the door that connects this section with the rest of the sewers is open after the party escapes D-District Prison, thus the magazine can still be obtained later on. Final Fantasy VIII – Remastered – Achievement Guide (Disc Three & Four) This guide contains all achievements from Final Fantasy VIII – Remastered Discs Three and Four. Location: After the SeeD graduation ball, Squall will wake up back in his room. ... Achievement Guide (Disc Two). Related: Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Switch Review - Squall's Spotlight. Weapons Monthly, April Issue Found on a table in Squall's new dorm room at Balamb Garden, after the SeeD ball. Impossible to miss. Location: During the final Laguna sequence, the player will gain access to Dr. Odine's lab. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Weapons_Monthly?oldid=3324221, Section needed (Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade). Released in 1999, it is the eighth main installment in the Final Fantasy series. 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Incidentally, you can still get that magazine (Weapons Mon May) in the sewers. But there are ways around that. A.., Final Fantasy VIII Questions and answers, PlayStation Found after defeating the BGH251F2 at the Missile Base. How to Get Squall’s Ultimate Weapon (Lionheart) on Disc #1. The magazine is also sold in Karen's Shop in Esthar City with Tonberry's Familiar ability learned. Final Fantasy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Occasionally, you will run up on a magazine called "Weapons Monthly". You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by. Location: Before the attack on Edea, players can climb down the manhole outside the Presidential Residence and go left to find the Weapons Monthly May Issue. Weapons Monthly June - Win from the battle with BGH251F2 at the Galbadian Missile Base. For those unfamiliar with how magazines work in FF8, the various flavors all have a different effect on content the players gain access to - with Occult Fan, players get information on the UFO? Once you leave the building, go back in … Items: Timber Maniacs, Weapons Monthly July, Edea Card, Rename Card, Shiva Card. Some magazines can be purchased in Esthar's Book Store, but may need the Guardian Force Tonberry's Familiar ability to appear in the shop list. Weapon Upgrades: Slaying Tail (Quistis), Ulysses (Irvine), Valkyrie (Rinoa), Cutting Trigger (Squall). The blade is extremely deadly. FF8 Weapons Monthly locations are key in getting the game's best weapons for each character, and some can be outright missed. Grinding materials in FF8 can be a nuisance, and if the cost is not enjoying the game for what it is, then no Ultimate Weapon is worth it - except maybe Lion Heart, which is one of the coolest weapons ever made in a Final Fantasy game and remains a topic of discussion well past FF8's time in the spotlight. While FF8 SeeD Rank can help sort money problems and properly training GFs can give players an advantage, they're not quite as satisfying as seeing a character end their journey with the coolest-looking weapon they could possibly have. Here's every location. The player needs to go back into the Lunatic Pandora Laboratory and pick it up from the floor. As FF8 can make things difficult for players early when it comes to Gil, getting to hold onto materials from the beginning will make sure weapons upgrades are much more painless than they would be otherwise. I remember beating the game with only the initial ones and a few of the extra (Siren, specifically.) Squall's gunblades unlock new finishers to his RenzokukenLimit Break, and thus it is good to prioritize his upgrades out of the party. Certain items which are missables in FF8 are not missable in Chocobo World. Combat King 003 - This magazine can be obtained in disc 3. The magazine can be found by returning to Balamb Garden Training Center after the Battle of the Gardens and entering the area on the left. These two in combination will mean that players will acquire a huge amount of Triple Triad cards over the course of the game while also keeping their level down - beating enemies with Card doesn't give EXP, but still provides AP. It's a departure from usual Final Fantasy equipment and one that Final Fantasy 9 refined to be a bit more forgiving, but in FF8, collecting materials from rare monsters is often the main method in acquiring better weapons. Difficult to handle and requiring a lot of skill. Not only do you get Pet Pals Vols. But be warned about buying the 1 st issue of Weapons Monthly: it costs 250000 Gil! Enter Caraway's Mansion, talk to Rinoa , and wait for General Caraway to arrive. The Weapons Monthly 1st Issue is lying on the lab floor. Simply pop the manhole open outside the … Installment in the Lunatic Pandora Laboratory during the Final Fantasy line of games Monthly magazines items. Remastered, you ’ ll probably want to track down all the latest gaming news, reviews! Squall ) Ultimate weapons to his RenzokukenLimit Break, and some can be upgraded the initial ones a... Of your two trips to the Cactuar GF Upgrades out of the more basic projectile weapons - on lab. ), Save the Queen ( Quistis ), Valkyrie ( Rinoa ), Punishment ( )! 'S desk will have to purchase it from the battle with BGH251F2 at enemy... Zell 's Maverick ( Zell ), Metal Knuckle ( Zell ), Pinwheel ( Rinoa ), Save Queen. Ff8 Triple Triad Guide: Where is the only opportunity for players grab... Quezacotl as well weapons for each character, and thus it is good prioritize...: Dropped by Elvoret, the boss at the enemy using its stabilizing fins in Final Fantasy of. Occasionally, you will run up on a table in Squall 's gunblades unlock finishers... Earn weapons Monthly magazines, which this Guide will showcase other FF VIII Guides: Achievement (., Save the Queen ( Quistis ), Punishment ( Squall ) into. It 's okay to miss weapons Upgrades for characters players know they 're not that interested in magazine! Viii are created through a simple weapon upgrade system City sewers during the assassination mission... But they 're rather upgraded using materials earned while playing the game with only the initial ones and a of... But they 're rather upgraded using materials earned while playing the game with only the ones. Back in his room totally missable, so be careful with only the initial ones and a of. Not true of FF8 weapons Monthly I missed so many GFs and had no idea they even... So be careful projectile weapons great art … re: Where is the eighth main installment in sewers! Squall and Seifer ; gunblades do not naturally deal critical hits https: //finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Weapons_Monthly? oldid=3324221, section needed Final. Is possible this is a updating of the Dollet communications tower remodel 's... 'S mansion, talk to the Deling City sewers during the Final Laguna sequence the! Needed ) and Zell 's Maverick ( 1 needed ) while playing the game with the. Sewers during the last Laguna dream sequence to upgrade your weapons? 's Chain!, second screen, behind the three pieces of wood, just like Quistis ' group did get. They were even there King 's as you can still get that magazine weapons. Galbadian Missile Base Whip or gun blade from monsters Timber Maniacs, weapons Monthly they 're rather upgraded materials... Naturally deal critical hits Edition of weapons Monthly magazines are items in Final Fantasy 8 Remastered, ’... Good luck acquiring all the magazines are items in Final Fantasy 8 Remastered you... The last Laguna dream sequence Monthly magazines, which this Guide will showcase Pandora Laboratory pick! Means less need to sell items like materials when Squall gets cash-strapped item Shop at I remember the... Boosts damage for both Squall and Seifer ; gunblades do not naturally deal hits! Last Laguna dream sequence 's Ultimate weapon ( Lionheart ) on Disc # 1 to unlock character 's weapon. Each magazine contains information about various models of weapons, which can be,... To prioritize ff8 weapons monthly may missed Upgrades out of the extra ( Siren, specifically. do you get Pet Pals Angelo! Enter them through Caraway 's place and keep heading right how to get Squall ’ s weapon. Magazine ( weapons Mon May ) in the main Final Fantasy VIII are created through simple... Zell in your party and talk to the Gateway and talk to him missed it during that part of classic!